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  Introducing      Negative Five Ventures

We’re specialists at finding Founders.

In Negative Five we strive to implement modern solutions for the purpose of scaling. We invest resources, time and energy and we make sure you will be the next big thing.

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Together we are building the future landscape of New technologies. With our expertise and investment nothing is impossible.

Technologies We Invest On

Artificial Inteligence

A library of decentralized AI is the key to innovating new technologies. Analyzing user behavior and creating a better UX is the ultimate goal.

Big Data

We crunch the numbers! Our data-based approach will help you manage resources better than before. We will provide UX/CX and Branding solutions based on Big Data.

Game Technology

Our investments include Game tech as an emerging and ever-expanding market. With better tech and funding, we can transform the field.

CloudTech & DevOps

The CloudTech and DevOps focus encompasses companies that help organizations develop, operationalize and monitor software and applications at scale.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

AR and VR can disrupt all experiences. Our game-changing plan is to provide access to new world through AR/VR methods.

Financial Technology

From Blockchain to Metaverse. We invest in Open-Banking solutions and provide new market-fit products with the crypto ethos in mind.

Let’s talk about you and your ideas!

You can set up a free consultancy session with us. We’ll do everything for your growth.

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Discover a New System

What do We Do?

We study your business and develop new solutions to help you scale up the company or venture into new markets.

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Negative Five is a Venture Studio, and we do two things: Find Ambitious Founders and Help Disruptive Ideas Emerge.

We have an Early Stage Funds, and if the right idea presents itself, we will invest in it.

Email us, and we’ll set up an intro meeting. Each idea requires its unique solution. So you’ll help us in defining the process.

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