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Get to know us

About Negative Five

Negative Five was formed by a group of Start-Up Founders and Experts in Marketing, Data, Product, and Development.


We can recognize Founders from very beginning!

We invest on the -5 Innovation Readiness Level (IRL), at the time of when Founders think of Starting Up.


Years Active in Startups

Negative Five helps you with years of second founder experiences.


Startups in Portfolio

A diverse portfolio of mainly tech startups

Let’s disrupt! Email us: info [at] negativefive [dot] vc

— How does the process function at Negative Five?

At Negative Five, we implement different tactics and strategies for building and scaling a startup. We strategize to help you create a product that’s Problem-Solution Fit and Product-Market Fit.

What is it that you’re trying to solve? We must first define our core problem and then try to find solutions.

How many solutions can we define? Which of them has the potential to be leading the others? We create multiple solutions and help you figure out which is more beneficial.

We have our problems and solutions; the next step is to build an MVP that can turn into a better Product-Market Fit.

An MVP will fail if you don’t have a competent team supporting it. We help you build connections and a functional expanded team.

We help you define your brand and impress potential customers with it. We describe the archetype and implement best practices for your marketing.

You need an excellent fundraising and exit strategy. Negative Five helps you with Pre-Seed and Seed Rounds.

Global Reach

Negative Five operates beyond borders. We strive for excellence anywhere it can exist.

Global Vision

We choose to scale our products and startups for a global audience. So get ready to be international.

Diverse Contracts

Our contracts use new forms of value-sharing (such as share swaps) to respect the main stakeholder’s investments better.

Diverse Team

Our team members can come from anywhere in the world. We stay away from Geographic Discrimination.

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