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Unleash Creativity with Rebellis AI

Revolutionizing Game Character Animation: Unleash Creativity with Rebellis AI

Hey there, game designers! Allow me to introduce you to a groundbreaking startup called Rebellis AI. This innovative company has developed a cutting-edge Generative AI that aims to revolutionize the way you create motions and movements for your main characters.

Rebellis AI stands out from the crowd by utilizing EDITABLE shapes, objects, and characters as the foundation for its learning process. This means that you have control over shaping and refining the motions generated by their AI, giving you unparalleled flexibility in bringing your characters to life.

With Rebellis, you can have a complete collection of essential movements for 3D games. A comprehensive collection of walking, running, jumping, fighting, and many required and practical prompts for game development. Additionally, you can see the output of your own motion in less time compared to using motion capture and editing it.

Examples of Rebellis’ works

But here’s where it gets even better: Rebellis AI is designed to seamlessly integrate with popular game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine. As a result, implementing this powerful module into your workflow becomes a breeze.

So if you’re tired of spending countless hours painstakingly crafting character movements from scratch or struggling with limited motion libraries, Rebellis AI is here to shake things up. Embrace the future of game design with this remarkable startup and unlock endless creative possibilities for your next gaming masterpiece.


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