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Level Up Your Game Development: Discover the Top 5 Features of Dynamic Pixels

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”This quote by Henry Ford is the first sentence that Catherine Karimi, the technical manager at Dynamic Pixels, started her opinion about the game industry, highlighting the challenge of discerning customers’ real needs and offering innovative solutions.

She says: This is particularly true in the gaming industry, where games often start with low loads and can suddenly become popular, increasing the load significantly. The quality of Dynamic Pixels’ work directly affects the sales and installations of their clients’ games. If end-users experience lag in a game, they will likely replace it with another, which can be disastrous.

As you know, DynamicPixels is a game development service that helps developers bring their game ideas to life. It offers a variety of features that can make game development more accessible and efficient. It is one of the seven startups in the Negative Five portfolio.

A Future-Proof Solution:

Priya Rastgar, the founder of Dynamic Pixels, who initiated the idea and implementation of Dynamic Pixels four years ago, has helped the company tackle various customer challenges and develop innovative solutions. One such solution is providing clients with dedicated (rather than shared) resources for their servers, allowing them to effectively manage resource usage and response times for users in different geographical areas.

The Top 5 Features of DynamicPixels for Game Developers

Here are the top 5 features of DynamicPixels for game developers:


 Manage your game data seamlessly with DynamicPixels’ comprehensive and reliable database services. Their databases are designed to handle the demanding needs of game development, with features like:

    • Scalability: Easily scale your database to meet the needs of your growing game.
    • Security: Keep your game data safe and secure with DynamicPixels’ robust security features.
    • Flexibility: Choose from various database options to find the perfect fit for your game.

      Chat system:

    • Build an engaging community around your game with DynamicPixels’ cloud-based chat system. Their chat system is easy to integrate into your game and provides an excellent way for players to connect and interact with each other. Some of the features of the chat system include:

    • Public and private channels: Create public channels for all players to chat in or private channels for smaller groups of players.
    • Moderation tools: Keep your chat system clean and safe with moderation tools that allow you to control who can chat and what they can say.
    • Push notifications: Send push notifications to players to inform them about new messages or events in the chat system.


       Keep your players motivated and engaged with DynamicPixels’ leaderboard system. Leaderboards are a great way to encourage players to compete with each other and strive to improve their game. DynamicPixels’ leaderboard system is easy to set up and customize and can be integrated into your game in various ways. Some of the features of the leaderboard system include:

    • Multiple leaderboard types: Create different leaderboards for different metrics, such as score, level, or time played.
    • Global and regional leaderboards: Create global or regional leaderboards so players can compete against players from all over the world or their region.
    • Rewards: Give rewards to players who reach the top of the leaderboard, such as in-game items or currency.


       Store your game assets and data securely and reliably with DynamicPixels’ cloud storage. Cloud storage is a great way to store your game assets and data off-site, so you don’t have to worry about losing them if your computer crashes. DynamicPixels’ cloud storage is scalable, secure, and reliable, and it’s easy to access your files from anywhere in the world. Some of the features of the cloud storage include:

    • Scalability: Easily scale your storage to meet the needs of your growing game.
    • Security: Keep your game assets and data safe and secure with DynamicPixels’ robust security features.
    • Accessibility: Access your files from anywhere in the world with DynamicPixels’ cloud storage.
  • Achievement system:

    • Create a rewarding experience for your players with DynamicPixels’ achievement system. Achievement systems are a great way to motivate players to keep playing your game and to give them a sense of accomplishment. DynamicPixels’ achievement system is easy to set up and customize and can be integrated into your game in various ways. Some of the features of the achievement system include:

    • Multiple achievement types: Create different types of achievements, such as for completing levels, defeating bosses, or collecting items.
    • Unlockable rewards: Give players rewards for unlocking achievements, such as in-game items or currency.
    • Tracking: Track players’ progress towards achievements so they can see how close they are to unlocking them.

These are just a few features that DynamicPixels offers game developers. With its powerful tools and flexible platform, DynamicPixels can help you take your game development to the next level.

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