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NegativeFive Ventures Bolsters AI Innovation in Gaming Industry with Strategic Investment in Rebellis

Leading Venture Studio Teams Up with Innovative AI Startup to Redefine Gaming Landscape

Negative Five Venture Studio, has recently announced a strategic investment in Rebellis, a pioneering AI-focused startup operating within the dynamic realm of the gaming industry.

The partnership, established in October 2022, signifies a momentous juncture in the journeys of both Negative Five and Rebellis. This investment, structured through a vesting arrangement, involves allocating a portion of Rebellis’ shares to Negative Five. This allocation is in reciprocation for the comprehensive suite of services furnished by the investment company as outlined in the investment agreement.

Rebellis, situated at the crossroads of artificial intelligence and gaming, has distinguished itself as a trailblazer in its field. The startup’s visionary mission is backed by its conviction that there are no direct competitors in the market that parallel its innovative offerings. This confidence stems from Rebellis’ comprehensive solutions tailored to address the challenges faced by the gaming industry.

What is Rebellis and what does it do?’

Rebellis AI is “a Generative AI that helps Game Designers generate Editable, Creative Motions and Movements for their Main Characters.

Competitive advantages The Generative AI platforms outperform the old solutions like Motion Captures that are so slow and expensive and the amount of the contents that are currently used in the market places like Mixamo and Unity Marketplace are limited. On the other hand the Generative AIs such as MidJourney or The Decoder are disrupting the design market, but their content can not be used for the game studios, because they are not editable.


Obligations of Negativefive Company

As part of the investment, Negative Five has assumed key responsibilities aimed at propelling Rebellis towards uncharted success. These responsibilities encompass advisory support, strategic marketing initiatives, Next invesment and a robust focus on business development. Negative Five’s well-established prowess in these areas is expected to synergize seamlessly with Rebellis’ growth trajectory.

Moreover, Negative Five’s engagement extends to the commitment of nurturing Rebellis’ human resources, ensuring a collaborative and innovative work environment that is conducive to pushing the boundaries of AI and gaming.

Commenting on the investment, Ramin Soleymani, Cofunder at Negative Five Venture, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Rebellis’ innovative prowess in AI and its strategic positioning within the gaming industry align perfectly with our studio’s vision. We see immense potential in Rebellis’ solutions and are excited to leverage our expertise to not only bolster their growth but also contribute to shaping the future of gaming.”

The investment represents a key stepping stone for Rebellis, enabling the startup to scale its operations, expand its portfolio, and solidify its position as a frontrunner in AI-driven gaming solutions.

As Rebellis sets forth on this fresh journey of expansion alongside Negative Five Venture  as a strategic ally, a thrilling synergy awaits the gaming industry. Infused with state-of-the-art innovation, strategic reinforcement, and a shared foresight, the partnership between Negative Five and Rebellis is poised to usher in novel and invaluable services for game creators.


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