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Unlocking New Horizons: Negative Five Ventures Invests in Piranset, Pioneering Travel Gaming Experience

Fostering Innovations at the Intersection of Tourism and Gaming, Negative Five Ventures into the Future

Negative Five Ventures Studio, proudly announces its second strategic investment in Piranset. This pioneering startup, operating at the nexus of tourism and gaming, marks a remarkable addition to our expanding portfolio.

In November 2022, Negative Five Venture Studio embarked on an exciting journey by investing in Piranset, the second startup to join our family. Operating in the captivating realm of tourism and gaming, Piranset is poised to revolutionize how travelers experience the world.

This strategic partnership resulted in the acquisition of a minor share in Piranset, solidifying their presence within the esteemed Negative Five Ventures portfolio. This investment, characterized by its forward-thinking approach, demonstrates our commitment to fostering innovations that bridge diverse industries.

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Piranset introduces an ingenious concept that combines the thrill of gaming with the enchantment of travel. Catering to explorers who seek the unconventional, Piranset provides a unique avenue to discover hidden and lesser-known tourist destinations. Through an immersive gaming experience, travelers embark on journeys that promise novelty and excitement.

At the heart of Piranset’s innovation is its visionary utilization of artificial intelligence. This technology empowers users to tailor their travel experiences through personalized virtual leader tours. This fusion of AI and travel not only augments the sense of adventure but also redefines how we engage with our surroundings.

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Furthermore, Piranset’s gaming component allows travelers to earn rewards while they embark on their voyages. With a virtual leader tour as the starting point, this experience comes at no cost to the traveler, promising both entertainment and financial gain.

The platform hosts an array of interactive games that challenge travelers’ observational skills. These puzzles encourage participants to delve into their surroundings, scrutinizing details like streets, trees, roads, and cafes. By cracking these mysteries, travelers unlock points and unveil the allure of their destinations.

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Collaboration between Nganiofayo and Piranset

Aligned with our ethos of holistic partnership, Negative Five Ventures Studio’s involvement transcends financial support. In addition to the equity-based investment, we are committed to providing integral assistance. This includes strategic guidance, dynamic marketing endeavors, meticulous business development strategies, and future-stage investments. Furthermore, our commitment extends to nurturing Piranset’s human resources, fostering an environment where innovation thrives.

As Piranset starts this exciting journey hand in hand with Negative Five Ventures, a new experience in tourism and gaming is happening. Enriched with cutting-edge innovation and a shared vision, this collaboration promises to change the way the world experiences travel and adventure.


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