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Amplifying Influence: Negative Five’s investing Enhances European Gaming Influencer Market Presence

Tfluencer Acquisition Propels Negative Five’s Presence in European Gaming Influencer Market

 Negative Five Ventures announces its strategic investment in Tfluencer, an innovative influencer marketing startup targeting European gaming influencers.

As November 2022 draws to a close,  Negative Five Ventures solidifies its commitment to innovation by acquiring a stake in Tfluencer, marking the third addition to our esteemed portfolio. Tfluencer ‘s unique focus on European gaming influencers positions it as a promising player in the influencer marketing landscape.

What is Tfluencer and what does it do?

In today’s business environment, companies often face challenges in orchestrating effective influencer campaigns. Navigating collaborations with influencers can be complex, and managing campaigns involving multiple influencers simultaneously poses its own set of obstacles. Furthermore, handling payments and overcoming language and currency barriers adds layers of intricacy.

Tfluencer emerges as a game-changer, addressing these pain points head-on. With an emphasis on European gaming influencers, Tfluencer offers a streamlined platform that empowers companies to seamlessly engage with influencers for their marketing campaigns. Through our investment, we align with Tfluencer ‘s vision of simplifying influencer collaboration and campaign management.

The Tfluencer Platform provides users with a user-friendly interface, enabling them to select influencers from desired countries while closely monitoring their online presence. This platform facilitates the efficient management of multiple influencers simultaneously, whether for diverse campaigns or singular initiatives. Integrated capabilities extend to payment management, ensuring a hassle-free experience by accommodating various currencies and eliminating language barriers.


“Our investment in Tfluencer exemplifies our unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and tackling industry challenges,” states Ramin Soleymani, Co-Founder at Negative Five Ventures. “The influencer marketing landscape calls for efficient solutions, and Tfluencer ‘s approach aligns perfectly with our mission of simplifying complexities.”

Obligations of Negativventures to Tfluencer

Beyond financial involvement, Negative Five Ventures promises comprehensive support to Tfluencer. Our partnership encompasses strategic advisory, robust marketing strategies, meticulous business development planning, and future-stage investment opportunities. Committed to holistic growth, we also prioritize nurturing Tfluencer ‘s human resources, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment.

As Tfluencer and Negative Five Ventures embark on this mutually beneficial journey, the stage is set for transformative shifts in the influencer marketing landscape. With a shared vision and a focus on innovation, this partnership is well-positioned to redefine how influencer campaigns are executed, streamlined, and optimized.


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