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NegativeFive Ventures Invests in Promising Game Studios UncoGames and Pumpkiny Games

We at NegativeFive Ventures are excited to share a significant milestone in our journey this month. We have invested in two promising game studios, UncoGames and Pumpkiny Games, to expand our commitment to the gaming industry. This step marks a pivotal move from our previous strategy, enhancing our portfolio which already includes innovative companies like Rebelis, DynamicPixels, Piranest, and SkyDenGames.

Our co-founder, Ramin Soleymani, believes this direct investment in game studios represents a deeper alignment with our core customer base. It’s not just about expanding our portfolio but about intimately understanding the ecosystem we invest in.

Ramin points to the substantial growth of the global gaming market, with revenues soaring to nearly 180 billion euros in 2022 and an anticipated annual growth rate of approximately +5% through 2025. This market dynamism presents a fertile ground for our new investment strategy.

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By investing directly in game studios, we’re deepening our insights into customer needs and significantly enhancing our products’ effectiveness and reach. This move is a strategic part of our broader goal to complete the value chain, diversify our investment portfolio, and effectively de-risk our investment approach.

We’re poised at the brink of an exciting era in gaming, and these investments in UncoGames and Pumpkiny Games are just the beginning. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to drive innovation and growth in the gaming industry.”

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