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middle class travel

The growing middle class

The global middle class consists of people who are neither poor nor rich by the standards of different countries. A moderate category that is constantly growing. This category of people will reach 4.9 billion people by 2030.

In this context, one should not only pay attention to internal data. The growth of the global middle class will directly lead to the development of international travel. We should also note that many middle-class people live in the Asia-Pacific region. 59% of all middle-class consumption by 2030 will belong to the Asia-Pacific middle class.

YearEuropeAsia-OceaniaNorth America
Change Between 2009 – 2030-22%+38%-11%
Middle Class distribution in percentage of whole population

The importance of adequate financial value

The global middle class is looking for value for money. This social class spends part of its expenses on learning new knowledge, especially the English language. This point will create a new group of tourists looking to travel the world with financial ability.

An increase in income and an increase in language knowledge will lead to a rise in the use of free internet. Access to transparent and accessible information creates three general results:

Increasing competition among online tourism giants
The increasing importance of online presence
Improving the digital tourism experience

How do they plan their trips? Research shows that this category of travelers is looking for good financial value. They may use cheap transportation routes (cheap airlines, trains, and ships) to reach their destination. Also, browsing to find a discount is one of the main characteristics of the global middle class. To lead this market, you need to provide offers that are good value for money. Also, We should remember the needs of this category.

However, paying attention to the global middle class requires paying attention to the culture and traditions of each nation. Some travelers may only be looking for halal or vegetarian food. You should pay attention to this point when preparing suitable accommodation.

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