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Why Are Women Entrepreneurs Still Facing a Venture Capital Gap

Why Are Women Entrepreneurs Still Facing a Venture Capital Gap?

The startup world has seen a significant increase in female founders, yet they continue to face challenges when it comes to funding. Diverse perspectives and solutions are crucial for tackling complex problems, and women bring just that to the table.

It’s encouraging to see that women make up nearly half of all new business owners, as reported by Gusto. However, it’s disappointing that women-founded companies only received 2% of venture capital dollars in 2023. It’s time to break down the barriers and create more opportunities for female investors and entrepreneurs to thrive. By doing so, we can unlock the full potential of the startup world and drive progress forward.

Shockingly, women-led startups receive only a fraction of the venture capital dollars that male-led startups receive. This is not just an issue of fairness, but a missed opportunity for innovation and progress.

We believe that women bring a unique perspective and approach to building businesses. They are often driven by a desire to solve real-world problems and make a positive impact. At Negativefive, we provide the resources, mentorship, and support female founders need to turn their ideas into thriving companies.

Why the Funding Gap?

The reasons for this disparity are complex:


    • Unconscious Bias: Investors often favor pitches from entrepreneurs who resemble themselves – typically men. This bias, even if unintentional, leads to missed opportunities.
    • Lack of Representation: The investment landscape itself is dominated by men. This creates a network gap, making it harder for female founders to find the right investors.
    • Stereotypes: Outdated perceptions of female founders as less capable or risk-averse can discourage investment decisions.

The Power of Female Investors

Investing in women-led businesses isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s smart business. Studies show that startups with diverse leadership teams outperform those without.

Here’s how we can bridge the gap:


    • Mentorship Programs: Connecting female founders with experienced female investors can provide valuable guidance and support.
    • Funding Initiatives: Dedicated funds focused on women-led businesses ensure access to capital for promising ideas.
    • Diversity in Investment Teams: Investment firms that actively seek diversity in their teams are more likely to make unbiased decisions.

At Negativefive, we’re proud to support female founders like:

Conquering the Game: Hear it from the Women Who Lead!

Akram Karimi, CEO of DynamicPixels, shatters myths:

    • Forget the idea that men are the only go-getters! Akram says women are endurance superstars too.
    • Building respect as a woman in business? Akram shares how DynamicPixels tackled challenges in attracting talent and gaining credibility, especially in the beginning.

Priya Rastgar, another DynamicPixels powerhouse, keeps it real:

    • Ever feel like your ideas get tossed aside because you’re a woman? Priya gets it!
        • She shares the frustration of women holding back brilliant solutions for fear of being seen as less capable. Let’s break down those barriers!
        • Priya tackles the tough topics too, like work-life balance for women and the unfair pay gap. We need change!
        • She confronts the stereotype of women as micromanagers and the hurdles they face in leadership positions. It’s time for women to lead the way!

Motahareh Jafarzadeh Taft, the mastermind artist at unco games studio, drops wisdom:

    • Motahareh reminds us that every decision a woman makes as a co-founder carries significant weight. The pressure is on, but these amazing women are more than capable!

Fatemeh Abediyeh, the talented artist at unco games studio, shares her journey:

    • Fatemeh used to worry her ideas wouldn’t be heard because she’s a woman. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?
        • She also opens up about a misunderstanding – some people thought she’d get emotional if they disagreed with her!
        • Fatemeh inspires us to conquer our fears and embrace clear communication, even when we’re the only woman in the room. You are amazing, just as you are!
        • She gives a shoutout to Zaha Hadid, a groundbreaking architect, as a role model for her bold designs. We love seeing women supporting women!

Samira Mehrariya, the co-founder who’s crushing it at Rebellis, gets personal:

    • Samira talks about the internal battle women face: believing in ourselves and shattering the myth that women can’t be strong leaders. We are unstoppable!
        • She emphasizes the power of women supporting other women and lifting each other up. Together we rise!
        • Samira shares her journey of stepping into a leadership role and proving her doubters wrong. You are an inspiration!
        • She mentions Oprah Winfrey as a role model for overcoming challenges. Now that’s a woman who inspires!


Investing in women is not just about social justice – it’s about harnessing the full potential of the business world. Let’s create a future where female founders have equal access to funding and are celebrated for their contributions.


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